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Gentilmente School

Learn Italian in Abruzzo
Where life is not hectic and nature is unspoiled

Here you can learn Italian off the beaten track, while exploring a little-known and yet beautiful region of Italy. Why L’Aquila? Abruzzo is definitely not a mass tourist destination. On the contrary, it is a place where you can get close to nature and find beauty and peace. L’Aquila is the political and cultural centre of the region. A dynamic city, nestled in the mountains, where ancient traditions are still alive and the pace of life is not hectic. People here are friendly and when it comes to having a chat in Italian with a non-native speaker, they are happy, patient and collaborative. In other words, L’Aquila is the perfect place for a language immersion course!

Gentilmente School

Daniela Gentile runs Gentilmente School with enthusiasm and dedication. She is a passionate and fully qualified Italian teacher with 8 years of experience in teaching Italian to non-native speakers.

The atmosphere in her lessons is always dynamic and friendly. Every lesson is focused first and foremost on the students and their ability to achieve specific goals with the Italian language. At Gentilmente School you can follow high quality and efficient one-to-one or group Italian classes, in-person or online.

Gentilmente School is located in the heart of L’Aquila within walking distance of most of the places of cultural interest, services, B&B and restaurants.



Gentilmente in Italian means “kindly, gently”.
Daniela chose this name for her project, first, because it’s a play on words on her surname (Gentile means “kind, gentle”). Then, because a good, kind environment is essential to learn a language. Daniela teaches Italian gentilmente, giving confidence to her students, creating a comfortable space where they feel completely free to communicate and to express their own personality in Italian.

The perfect place for a language immersion course!


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