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A2.1 level group course



+ Registration fee of €50 to be paid the first day of lesson (it includes the book, shopping bag, other didactic material and certificate of attendance)

Thursday 08:30 -10:00

13 weeks

From January 12th 2023 to April 13th 2023

This course is for those who have already followed the whole A1 Italian course or who already have a solid base of the language (for example you can already make sentences in present and past tenses, you can talk about yourself, your job, your free time and family, you can describe a city and ask for directions in Italian). During the course you will learn to talk about past habits and childhood; to make, accept or refuse a suggestion; to give and understand advice and instructions. At the end of the course you will be also able to buy something in a shop, how to give and ask for advice and how to describe the appearance and personality of somebody in Italian. When it comes to grammar, these are some of the topics that will be covered: the imperative form, comparatives, the imperfetto past tense, the verbs sapere and potere, indirect pronouns combined with passato prossimo, present conditional. We will cover the topics of the first half of the A2 level book.

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